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Julia Seregina Collection

As part of our documentary “Women in creative industries” we filmed the collection catwalk of Julia Seregina that took place at the Flacon Fashion Festival in Moscow in the Flacon design factory on the 23rd of May. We got loads of great behind the scenes footage as well as the main event and could not resist making a short film.

Julia Seregina Models

Julia combines contemporary design and the comfort of natural knitwear to create new forms and silhouettes that flatter the femininity and beauty in women. She tirelessly searches for new sources of inspiration and takes themes from the natural environment to create collections that inspire. Find out more about her work here

SDI Toolbox Motion Graphic

On the 29-30 april, The Service Desk Institute (SDI) had a soft launch of their Big Red Toolbox at SITS14 (The service Desk and IT support Show) at Earls Court, London. We created a motion graphic for their show stand which brought to life the toolbox logo.
We are really excited to be part of the toolbox project working with a great team, and look forward to bringing to life a lot of their industry research in interesting and innovative ways.
We have had a big part in the development of the Toolbox branding, from the original logo through to the website look and feel.

Tough Trains Siberia

Just back from Northern Siberia where we were filming an episode of ‘Tough Trains’ about the world’s most extraordinary train journeys. This travel series from the makers of Globe Trekker features remarkably tough feats of railway engineering across the globe in some of the harshest climates.

For this episode we travelled on passenger and freight trains, drove the ice road which follows the notorious unfinished railroad, known as Stalin’s Road of Death and spent time with reindeer herders in their Choom on the way to Salekhard. We then traveled on the most northerly railway in the world from Obskaya all the way to Bovanenkovo.

Munro Productions Tough Trains cameraman

This is a pretty tough journey in very extreme conditions but even with the freezing winds and snow fields as far as you can see it was a fantastic adventure for the whole crew, traveling the all the way from Tuymen to Karskaya.   

Here is a little behind the scene’s fun.


Women in creative industries

We are in the process of developing this short film about 3 women in different creative industries. It shows how they have to balance their family life and their professional life. All 3 took part in the British Councils work shop for creative entrepreneurs held in November 2013. All 3 also got into the 5 chosen to have a further 3 months tutoring sessions.

We will show how this has helped them develop and aim to inspire others to take the huge risk of turning their passion into a business.

This film follows Nika Chernyaeva, a modern artist who gave up her well paid job in PR to concentrate only on developing her very unique style of painting.

Fashion designer Yulia Seregina, who’s collections are of search beauty in opposing environmental and urban themes designed for “City-smart” woman

Then our very own Alyona Pimanova – A TV and documentary film producer who is focused on showing foreign production teams the beauty of Russia, its people and culture.

This project is at the pitching stage and we very soon hope to have more news about the funding of this film and start production.

Just Blaze Official Music Video

Although Munro Productions specialise in providing high quality filming services in Russia we sometimes can not resist getting involved with musicians to create music videos. This one was filmed for Arron Hudd and includes shots of London’s south bank skatepark as well as Old Arbat Street in Moscow.

This was so much fun to film and produce and we really look forward to working on another video for Arron. We are dedicated to making factual and social documentaries, there is just something about making a music video where you can just be totally creative. We love music at Munro HQ and are always looking for the next music video shoot.

The lyrics have such vivid imagery that we worked hard to make the video reflect that.

TFT14 Winter Ident

Tomorrow’s Future Today, is the world’s first 24-hour, global virtual conference. Munro Productions created the TFT14 winter ident which was seen live across the globe as the conference followed the sun. Find out more about TFT by visiting their website

We are now looking forward to the TFT14 summer conference and starting work on the summer ident. 

Mir Estates Corporate Film

In December 2013 we filmed a corporate video for Bulgarian Real Estate company Mir Estates. Our brief was to create a film to be used as a marketing tool, to meet the team and to show some of the beautiful properties for sale in Bulgaria. We first met Stanimira Kulova, head of Mir Estates while filming I want a house abroad for TLC Russia in 2011. 

Mir Estates 2

Stanimira Kulova has since then become a good friend of ours and so it was with great pleasure to make this film for them. We were especially pleased with the helicopter/multicopter shots that added a special element to this film. The whole shoot was great fun and they made our crew feel very welcome while filming in their office in Moscow.

Katrina’s stem cell fund

In November 2013 we filmed and edited a film for the Acoustic Valium Project, an event put on specially to raise money for Katrina Brown. Kat was exposed to Depleted Uranium whilst serving in the UK armed forces as an arm medic in Iraq in 2003. She is now fighting for her life having developed systemic sclerosis.

This was a great pleasure to make this film and to meet Kat, we just hope that it helped in some little way. It was also a great night of music with some very talented musical acts.

Filming in Baku

In November 2013 we were asked by Associated Press to fly to Baku in Azerbaijan to produce an interview with designer Adam Yunisov who has just created the logo for the European Games in Baku in 2015. This interview also included athletes Zemfira Meftakhetdinova, double Olympic medalist in skeet shooting and Farid Mansurov, Azerbaijani wrestler who won Olympic gold in Athens 2004.


This logo will unite the country with the rest of Europe. It will be a giant party and celebration of sport that unites the teams in Europe in sport.

I was humbled and honoured when my design was selected as the logo for the first European Games in Baku.

This was a great trip to a beautiful city and also the start of a long working relationship with Associated Press.

Creative Entrepreneurs Workshop

In November 2013 we applied for and got selected to be part of the British Councils creative entrepreneurs workshop in Moscow. This 3 day course was really useful in focusing our business plan and sharing with other creative individuals what we really want to get out of Munro Productions. 

We also got picked to have a further online follow up tutoring sessions with Daxa Parmar our brilliant teacher.

Workshop at BC

In these 3 days we made friends with a number of very talented artists and we have already started working on ideas of projects we can create together which will be mutually beneficial to all parties. So here’s to a very creative and prosperous 2014.