Dance Walking Moscow

Production of our new film started in the park opposite Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy boulevard where we followed the flashmob style group dance walk all the way to Ekaterininskiy park. It is an amazing sight for onlookers as this large group of people dance through parks, across roads and down busy streets in almost total silence as they all listen to the same playlist through headphones.

We captured the joy felt by the dancers who express themselves in these public places. A Rossia 1 news crew were also there to get some footage and we over heard them ask one dancer “Why dance here, why not in a disco?” The answer to that is very clear to all, this is a much more personal way of creative expression which is not possible in a night club. It is also open to all and was great to see whole families there with many children joining in as well as women with babies in slings dancing.

Dance Walk Moscow Blog Image 2

This film was originally focused around this one dance event where word spreads via social networks, but having now had the chance to spend time with Alexander Girshon, we are looking to develop this film into something bigger. With additional interviews and another event, as well as finding out more about the people involved. A truly organic film and very much a co operation of different creative individuals.

Dance Walk Moscow Blog Image 3


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