Filming for German TV

We have just completed filming two stories about the Russian soldiers and officers who returned from Germany in 1992-1994 with the rest of the Russian army at the end of the cold war. Some of them were given the apartments in Kubinka, in the town built with German money from June 1993 until August 1995. We met and interviewed some very interesting and very welcoming contributors who told us their memories of their time in Germany. They spoke with great fondness of the cities they were stationed and how they mixed with the local German population.

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Kubinka is famous for being the best Russian pilot academy and is home to biggest tank museum in Russia, as well as being a lovely place to live surrounded by forests and close to the Moscow river. About an hours drive from Moscow we spent 3 very long but very enjoyable days filming there. All the contributors spoke about the town being a very quiet and an almost perfect place to raise a family.

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We filmed the stories on a Canon C300. They will air on the German TV in August 2014.

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