It’s Christmas Time

The first weekend in September we filmed the recording of the Christmas charity single “It’s Christmas Time” by the Acoustic Reverbs. 2 long days of recording all the instrument’s and then the singers.

So now all filming, recording and mixing has been done, work starts putting together the music video to accompany the song which will be released on the 17th November 2014 as a CD and digital download.

It’s always a pleasure for us to work with The Acoustic Valium Project, so when Dan Littlechild asked us to get involved we jumped at the chance, especially as this song will be raising money for Taylor Made Dreams, a charity that help children with life limiting illness achieve their dreams.

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3 responses to “It’s Christmas Time”

  1. Mel Harrison says :

    And a Brilliant Job you did too….Can’t wait to see the end Result…..see you soon… M

  2. Patricia Jenkins says :

    Please let me know where I can buy the CD Is it on sale in shops after 17 Nov?

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