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A Day with Daxa Parmar

As part of our documentary Women in Creative Industries, we shared a day with Daxa Parmar, a visual artist who was the mentor during the British Council creative entrepreneur workshop in Moscow which all three of our contributors attended. As well as continuing to support our three creative businesswomen after the workshop she also inspired us to make the film itself.

It was a great honour to be able to film Daxa work in her studio and observe her work, to find out more about her vision and find out what inspirers her. With family life as important as her work, We spent a wonderful evening with Daxa and her daughter, sharing dinner and discussing more about how to combine being creative, making money and running a home all at the same time.

We want to thank Daxa and Molly for letting us follow them for the whole day. If you want to find out more about Daxa’s work, take a look at her website here

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Russian Harvest in Tatarstan

An early morning flight took us from Moscow to Kazan airport and then a four hour drive to our location in Tatarstan. Here we would spend 2 days with our American colleagues from PI&C (New York) filming the Russian wheat and corn harvest for the makers of the combine harvesters and tractors used.

We captured the last of the harvest as the first of the years snow started to fall. This is farming on a huge scale that we filmed on RED camera. We interviewed the owner of the farm as well as followed him as he showed us the land he owns and works.

He was very welcoming to the crew and showed us great hospitality throughout the shoot which made the tough filming in the cold conditions much more bearable.

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