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It’s Christmas Time Music Video

Building up to the release of the single It’s Christmas Time by The Acoustic Reverbs on the 17th Nov 2014 we launch the music video. It has been a great pleasure to work on this project and we know this song will be a great hit as it sums up perfectly the feeling of Christmas.

Lets not forget why we all worked so hard on this song. Taylor Made Dreams support children who are very unwell and don’t have long left. If they can be helped to see a final dream come true then we should all do as much as possible to make that happen.

The single is available to buy on the 17th Nov on Amazon here and 7Digital here All money raised from the sale of this single goes to the charity Taylor Made Dreams.

Architecture shoot for Deutsche Welle

We had two amazing days filming for Deutsche Welle TV‘s cultural magazine show with reporter Werner Herzog about the changing architecture of Moscow. We met with Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief architect of Moscow to talk about his new projects. One of which is Zaryadie park that is going to be built in heart of Moscow.

 “It’s a place for the people. It’s not a place only for the tourists, it’s a place for Muscovites. Moscow really needs good parks and this is the last remaining, very important big plot. Not only in Moscow, but I would say in one of ten most important megapolis in the world, in a historic place.  It’s a good sign for Russia” – Peter Kudryavtsev

We also filmed an interview with the director of Schusev State museum of architecture and The opening of the exhibition “Urban development: Position and Opposition”, which represents the works of graduating Russian architecture students and their vision of how to create a modern city and its space.

Filming for DW4

QLTS School Testimonial

Last week we interviewed a Russian lawyer for QLTS School who provide international lawyers with training and consultation to qualify as English solicitors. This interview will form part of a number of testimonials from lawyers in different countries to promote their services.

We are passionate about video testimonials as a tool to promote services and products, as the benefits of online video are huge. Your new customers want to hear what your existing customers think, they want to see people they can relate to back up what you claim on your site. Video testimonials are also very affordable to create and are extremely helpful to your SEO. We are very pleased to have worked with QLTS on the Russian part of their project and wish them every success.