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2014 round up

It has been quite the year which started in the icy north of Siberia and into the artic circle. Filming took us to a lot of new places in Russia as well as some familiar areas that we know and love. We met, interviewed and filmed a lot of very interesting people in 2014, some of who have since become good friends. We also worked with a lot of great people and continued to learn more from them all.

Our philosophy has always been that however long we have worked in the business, we always continue to develop and learn new techniques.

Through filming we have also investigated different stories in Russia which include the urban architecture of Moscow, the Red Army retreating from East Germany, Russian Road Rage and dash cams, Stalin’s rail roads and nomadic reindeer headers.

We would like to thank the following companies for their co-operation in 2014: Pilot Productions, The Service Desk Institute, Mentorn Media, Deutsche Welle TV, Hoferichter & Jacobs Film, PI&C, The British Council, Victoria Melody, Sugar Rush Productions and Cineflix.

So we are looking forward to many more adventures in Russia in 2015 with more teams from around the world coming to explore and document the ever changing and fascinating country that Russia is today.