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Hunt for Red October

Throughout January we have been scouting different locations for a number of clients needs. One request has been to find a café setting for 4 presenters to meet and discuss their plans and this location needs to feature throughout the episode.

Our brief has been to find a coffee shop with a grungy, underground and arty feel, so we have been trawling all the über cool café’s in Moscow. The perfect job for a team that have an almost Italian obsession for good coffee.
We have seen a lot of great locations that we have now put to our client to choose where they want to film, but we also wanted to share some of our findings.
First of all we found Pravda Café which is part of the Complex Pravda, a soviet constructivism monument built in thirties which is now home to a large amount of creative businesses, photo studios, designers and artists of all types. Then on to the 80’s bistro style eatery Black Market, then the Conversation Café and Pelman Café in Moscow’s famous Gorky Park.
Finally we headed to the iconic red-brick Krasny Oktyabr (Red October). This former chocolate factory which produced its last bar of its trademark Alyonka chocolate in 2007 when production was moved. This huge building complex was then turned into a bohemian island of art. It has many super cool café’s, restaurants, shops, galleries and studios. This hipster paradise is such a great place we have suggested a number of locations here to our client. One of which is the excellent Bar Strelka with its beautiful view of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Patriarchal pedestrian bridge.