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Everyday life of an artist

We’re are pleased to be continuing our film about Women in Creative Industries with one of its main characters, – Nika Chernyaeva, a modern artist.  We have started following her everyday life while she communicates with different creative outlets to represent her work.

We are discovering more about the life style of an artist, all the difficulties that she meets on the way to success as well as learning more about her personality which makes her paintings unique.

We would like to show in this film all the stages of creative business development, the way of dealing with the answer “No” and how to keep motivated when you would sometimes rather stop your creative dreams.

Nika Chernyaeva 1

It’s Christmas Time

The first weekend in September we filmed the recording of the Christmas charity single “It’s Christmas Time” by the Acoustic Reverbs. 2 long days of recording all the instrument’s and then the singers.

So now all filming, recording and mixing has been done, work starts putting together the music video to accompany the song which will be released on the 17th November 2014 as a CD and digital download.

It’s always a pleasure for us to work with The Acoustic Valium Project, so when Dan Littlechild asked us to get involved we jumped at the chance, especially as this song will be raising money for Taylor Made Dreams, a charity that help children with life limiting illness achieve their dreams.

Its Christmas Blog Image 1

World’s Angriest in Russia

We are pleased to have worked on the Russian sections for the series “World’s Angriest” with Mentorn Media for Channel 5 (UK).

We undertook a lot of the pre-production, finding the right contributors and to organise the interviews. We also provided the camera kit as well as conducted the interviews during production. We spoke with a number of really interesting people who were involved either in road scams or road rage incidents and some who captured this unique footage on their car dashcams.
We stopped and asked people on the streets their views of Russian road safety and of course we couldn’t help but get a lot of great GV’s of the city, including Red Square,The Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral.
Worlds Angriest 1

Dance Walk Interview

We have just completed the main interview for our film Dance Walking Moscow. Alexander Girshon spoke in depth about the origins of Dance Walk and the development of this form of dance into the shared experience by the participants. Interestingly this type of event has sprung up in many European cities recently which proves there is a real need for people to come together and express themselves in this way.

This is a massive leap forward for our film as we can now wrap all the great footage we captured at the dance walk around this very inspirational interview. We filmed on a Sony XDCAM EX3 at Naked Studios Moscow.

Blog Naked Studio 2