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Music Videos to Promote Lenovo

September and October we worked on a project for Lenovo. We filmed two videos for YouTube to promote their new #Goodweird products.

One video was a music clip for EeOneguy – Russian vlogger with over 4 million subscribers to his channel. Having a dream to make a really cool music video, he wrote the lyrics to the music composed by our American colleagues.

It was decided that it will be represented in the style of a K-pop music video, so we used lots of cool and weird costumes and make up with the help of our costumer and make-up stylist. We also found a great choreographer and dancers to help bring the video to life.

Lenovo GoodWeird 3 Munro Productions

We filmed in some really exciting locations for the various scenes in the clip: in a sauna and the famous Bunker 42 at Taganskaya. The Bunker is now a museum of the cold war which is 65 meters deep underground.

The second video was an international video of a “dance off” between 3 vloggers and was shoot in America, India and Russia. In Russia we filmed the dancing scene on the Central square of VDNH – The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. It is one of the most popular public places in the Russian capital and represents many different elements of Russia with its famous buildings.

Lenovo GoodWeird 4 Munro Productions

The dance was a mixture of 3 different cultures, so we had the Russian gymnasts and guys in bear outfits as well as big Russian beardy men in American cheerleading costumes and our dancers in Indian sarees. Although it was snowing a lot on the day we shot at VDNH, it was really fun and our Green Truck was a busy but warm place to escape the cold.

Lenovo GoodWeird 5 Munro Productions

There was a lot of equipment and crew involved in the filming of these two clips which we supplied, including: cameras, Steadicam, crane, lighting and sound. Editing was made in California by our American colleagues.

Lenovo GoodWeird 1 Munro Productions


Russian electro music shoot

This is the kind of project we love. A phone call on a Monday, Tuesday to put a plan together and hire equipment, crew arrive in Moscow on Wednesday ready to start shooting on Thursday.

The team of three from the UK followed Pixelord, a Russian electro musician around for 3 days. Interviewed him in his studio, saw some of his favourite haunts and filmed him performing.

For the performance segments he was filmed at a music shop “All for DJ”, as well as the Muzeon park of Arts (also known as Fallen Monument Park) and a gig aboard The Brusov Ship moored at Krymskaya embankment on the Moskva River.


It was interesting to hear how the city inspires him as a musician, the juxtaposition of old and new architecture of Moscow with giant traditional buildings from the Soviet era now positioned next to uber modern skyscrapers.

He took the team to Art-Play, a former tea factory now a hub of creative activity and home to the British Design School. He was also filmed in the Soviet Arcade Machine Museum, a place he says gives him a lot of inspiration for his creative output.

This was a commercial shoot for Novation, the maker of the LaunchPad used by Pixelord to make his music.

Click Here to see the film.


QLTS School Testimonial

Last week we interviewed a Russian lawyer for QLTS School who provide international lawyers with training and consultation to qualify as English solicitors. This interview will form part of a number of testimonials from lawyers in different countries to promote their services.

We are passionate about video testimonials as a tool to promote services and products, as the benefits of online video are huge. Your new customers want to hear what your existing customers think, they want to see people they can relate to back up what you claim on your site. Video testimonials are also very affordable to create and are extremely helpful to your SEO. We are very pleased to have worked with QLTS on the Russian part of their project and wish them every success.

Russian Harvest in Tatarstan

An early morning flight took us from Moscow to Kazan airport and then a four hour drive to our location in Tatarstan. Here we would spend 2 days with our American colleagues from PI&C (New York) filming the Russian wheat and corn harvest for the makers of the combine harvesters and tractors used.

We captured the last of the harvest as the first of the years snow started to fall. This is farming on a huge scale that we filmed on RED camera. We interviewed the owner of the farm as well as followed him as he showed us the land he owns and works.

He was very welcoming to the crew and showed us great hospitality throughout the shoot which made the tough filming in the cold conditions much more bearable.

Blog Kazan 3